Outlet Store Launch

Uba Abraham

AUG. 01, 2020

Outlet Store is now live! Shop through our Top 6 Categories plus Outlet Fashion, Outlet Beauty & Outlet Sales

Today, we are happy to announce the launch of Outlet Store.

An organized catalogue of products from different ranges of categories from Women & Men's clothing, Jewelry & Accessories, Beauty & Skin Care, Outdoor Sport, to Home & Decor.

It's always been our mission to design an online store were our customers can book services in relation to what they are shopping for; today, we've made that possible and this is just the beginning!

Head over to our store now to discover our carefully hand picked products, happy shopping 😉

For any media contact(s), please reach out to us with no hesitation via our contact page

Any question you have can be found on our FAQ page : outletapp.ca/faq


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