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On September 1st, 2019, Outlet launched its services product. Outlet service is the organization of broad collections of different service categories to deliver a seamless service discovery by combining software and services.

Our mission is to make services as accessible as products by working closely and establishing strong relationships with various service providers.

We launched the service with nine (9) services in the Graphic Design Category.

Our illustration of the future is Outlet Service serving as the central hub for all services including but not limited to Business Services, Consumer Services, Construction and Engineering, Tourism, Sports & Fitness, Professional services, and Non-profit Services.

We believe this is the beginning of a revolution for the service industry and Outlet Group is ready for all the challenges and responsibilities ahead.

Outlet Group is open to all prospective and valuable partnerships. We look forward to building a strong ecosystem of integrated products and services with current and future industry leaders.

Let's build a customer-focused service platform designed to delight and empower people to do great things.

Outlet Team

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