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Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Outlet Service

Progress is achieved with little steps.

We are introducing services by location.

Now, you can easily find service(s) in your local area by selecting your location as seen in the image below.

We are currently focussing on launching our services in these locations:

  1. Toronto

  2. Niagara Falls

  3. Hamilton

  4. Waterloo

  5. Brampton

  6. St. Catharines

It's worth noting that not all service providers accept bookings automatically and would need to confirm the appointment before a confirmation is sent to you.

Services can be listed in 3 forms:

  1. Display service

  2. Contact Service

  3. Bookable Service

Display Service - Service is listed/displayed for information meaning the service provider can neither be contacted or the service booked on our platform. Customers will have to contact the service provider directly through the contact information provided on the service listing.

Contact - Service is listed and customers can contact the service provider with their available appointment/schedule time as well as any other additional information they would like the service provider to know directly through a contact form. This is where the service provide can either accept or decline the appointment.

Bookable Service - This is when the service is fully bookable. Either free, minimum deposit or full payment may be required for this type of services to be booked. \

All service booked, Upcoming or Past, can all be managed under Profile > My Bookings as shown in the image below.

Manage Upcoming Bookings

Upcoming bookings can easily be managed, rescheduled or cancelled should anything change with your time/schedule.

Manage Past Bookings

Past bookings can easily be rebooked as they are all properly organized in one place with details about the appointment.

If you have any further questions that you think was not answered in this article, you can contact us here.

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