360° Sonic Toothbrush - Teeth Whitener and Gum Massager

360° Sonic Toothbrush - Teeth Whitener and Gum Massager

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This innovative U-shape Electric Toothbrush uses sonic cleansing technology to deliver a gentle yet dynamic cleaning action. It drives fluid deep between teeth and along the gum-line to help prevent the development of gum disease and improve gum health.

Featured with its Super High Frequency of 5000 - 15000 Strokes Per Minute, it can remove coffee stains, plaques, debris effectively from your teeth without damaging the enamel.

The 360° Sonic Toothbrush fully cleanses the mouth, clears plaque, stops bacteria to reduce cavities and freshens breath.

The Brush makes over 15,000 vibrations in a minute, helping you to get rid of all contamination. There are 4 different modes of the 360 Sonic Toothbrush so you can take advantage of the soft cleaning mode, strong cleaning mode, massage gum mode, and teeth whitening mode. Pick your mode and 360 Sonic toothbrush will do the rest.

Simply insert the U-Shaped mouthpiece, sit back, relax and watch your teeth get cleaned and whitened better than a traditional electric toothbrush.

The mouth tray is made out of extra soft premium food-grade silicone for maximum comfort during the brushing.

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